Vibe Music Belt

Can you feel the vibe?

Carlos Santana once said: "Just as Jesus created wine from water, we humans are capable of transmuting emotion into music".
 Vibe takes it to the next phase by transforming music into sensation.

Vibe is a smart haptic feedback belt that transforms audio to 3D surround haptic feedback experience by analyzing the audio signals and smartly distributing vibrations along the user's body, thus creating a fully immersive experience.

Real Wearable solution

Vibe is designed from day ONE as a wearable device. The whole experience is derived from it

Music Experience revolution

From the moment you will experience Vibe for the first time, your music listening experience will be revolutionized forever

Smart Audio Processing

In Vibe's core, we are using our proprietary advanced and low-power audio processing algorithms to ensure best experience while providing hours long operation time


Vibe is designed to be compatible with almost any device that outputs music. Just plug-and-play!

Our team

Amit Moran
Amit Moran

Co-founder MSc in...

Nadav Zamir
Nadav Zamir

VibeBelt CTO ...


Live Testing
Vibe Prototype 2.0

Vibe Prototype 2.0 with vibe technology integrated withing a fashionable belt, Bluetooth connectivity and advanced audio...

Vibe Prototype 2.0
Going Live!

First real-life testing in Dizingof Center. We headed to the Tel-Aviv center to meet our potential...

Going Live!